Welcome to my gallery of classic comic covers. I've been collecting comic books for over 25 years and made this web site to share some of my favorite covers. All of the covers, with a very few exceptions, are (or were) from my personal collection. Have a question or a comment? E-mail me, my name's Ben.

Golden-Age Comic Cover Gallery

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super-hero and war comics good girl and romance comics crime and horror comics
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2015-2016 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide 45th Edition

The Missing Comic Parts Page

Alex Schomburg mini-Gallery
(with many newly-added science fiction digest covers!)

L. B. Cole mini-Gallery



Comics for auction on eBay

OK, the auction is over. Bidding was fairly strong, I got some good prices. Thanks to everyone who checked out my listings.

I have some very cool comics for auction on eBay right now. The first ones start ending soon.

Highlights include:

  • Rawhide Kid #1
  • Beware #10 (Frank Frazetta cover art)
  • Black Cat Mystery #45
  • Witches Tales #25

And more!

New Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide

In conjunction with the release of the book the new 2010-11, 40th edition of the electronic Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is now available for immediate download! (Compatible with both Mac and PC!) It has been said before that no serious collector should be without an Overstreet, and this is even more true of the searchable electronic version. Available exclusively through Heritage Auction Galleries, this new version is:

  • Alphabetically indexed
  • Searchable (by any keyword)
  • Downloadable Adobe Acrobat format

At a cost of only $30, this revolutionary new format is one of the best investments available in our hobby. Begin enjoying the benefits right now and downloading your copy to your hard drive today.

Download Your Copy Now for only $30, and you can begin using it in just a few minutes!


I get a small kickback when you buy through the link above, which helps me keep this site running. (Hint, hint.)

Howard “Howie” Post (1926-2010) R.I.P.

We have lost another great comic book artist. Howie Post worked for Harvey Comics and is associated with the art for Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost. He also drew the humorous caveman adventure series Anthro for DC Comics.

Selling Stuff on eBay

I am selling a bunch of comics on eBay. Right now mostly CGC graded comics and bound volumes, but I will be selling all kinds of comic-related stuff in the coming days.

R.I.P. Frank Frazetta - May 10, 2010

Legendary comic book artist and fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta has passed away.

You can find an example of his work in my gallery here.

This is truly the end of an era. Rest in peace Frank, the world mourns your passing.

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I've updated the Parts Page!

Original Comic Book Artwork

Most of my original art collection is on display at Bill Cox's ComicArtFans.com website, accessible via this link.

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