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Casper the Friendly Ghost #59, 1957

Casper the Friendly Ghost #59, 1957

A whimsical cover by the amazingly talented Warren Kremer. Razor-sharp inking, and great use of color. Kremer studied under Paramount Pictures animator Steve Muffatti, and Kremer’s cartoon style became the house model for Harvey Comic’s humor line. Kremer was also skilled in a more realistic style, seen in earlier work for Harvey’s pre-Code war and romance comics. I own the original art to an early Casper story, you can see it here.

Strange Adventures #108, 1959

Strange Adventures #108, 1959

This is another comic which I am including by merit of its 10 cent cover price, as most collectors would consider it a Silver Age comic because it was published after 1956. DC comics went through a period in which they frequently featured gorillas on the covers of their comics; an editor had determined that their books sold better with a gorilla on the cover. This is a great example of the type. The first story in this issue even has a tale which is reflected by the cover illustration - which was not always the case. “False advertising” of a cool cover with nothing related inside was a common sales tactic in the old days. The Human Pet of Gorilla Land story in this issue has nice artwork by Carmine Infantino.

Millie The Model #27, 1951

Millie the Model #27, 1951

Published by Marvel, as “Sphere Publications”. Great Archie-style artwork by Dan DeCarlo. The magazine boasts “52 GAY PAGES”! Umm, ok… - heh. In any case, there’s definitely nothing “gay” about this Good Girl cover. Fun stuff, from a more innocent age.

Mansion of Evil by Joseph Millard

Today I’d like to share a very obscure publication that may well be the very first “graphic novel“. Many give that title to Matt Baker and Arnold Drake’s “It Rhymes With Lust“, but “Mansion of Evil” came out the same year: 1950. It’s anyone’s guess which book was actually available for purchase first. It’s interesting to note that the artist for “Mansion of Evil” is not credited, does anyone have an idea who drew it?

The book is full color, and almost 200 pages long. It tells the tale of a young woman who falls under the thrall of sadistic aristocrats, and her many attempts to escape their imprisionment. Below are scans of the front & back cover, first page, and indicia detail. If you want to comment, use the link below; registration is not required.

Mansion of Evil cover

Mansion of Evil back cover

Mansion of Evil indicia

Mansion of Evil splash page

I checked some vintage booksellers online, and asking prices range from over $90 to almost $400!!!

Dallas Comic Con

I just wanted to share that I set up a table at the Dallas Comic Con this weekend, and had a great time. There were cool guests like Bernie Wrightson, Herb Trimpe, Howard Chaykin, William Stout, Tim Bradstreet, actor Tom (The Punisher) Jane, and more. Plus I sold many comics, including:

Human Torch 23, 1948
Human Torch 23
Marvel Mystery Comics 40, 1943
Marvel Mystery Comics 40
Startling Comics 49, 1948
Startling 49

I was a little sad to let these great books go, but I felt like I got good prices for them, so overall I’m happy.

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