Welcome to my gallery of classic comic covers. I've been collecting comic books for over 25 years and made this web site to share some of my favorite covers. All of the covers, with a very few exceptions, are (or were) from my personal collection. Have a question or a comment? E-mail me, my name's Ben.

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Botswana and Tonga

I just want to make a quick note of two recent visitors from Botswana and Tonga. Welcome, comic fans of all nations!

Merry X-mas!

Vault of Horror 35Vault of Horror 35

Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends, and happy holidays to everyone else. Here’s my favorite Christmas-themed horror cover. Virtually every Johnny Craig and Al Feldstein EC horror cover is a classic in my eyes.

Weird Tales of the Future #4

weird tales of the future 4, basil wolverton

I’d like to share a cover with you that I didn’t deem worthy of addition to the gallery proper, but still deserved some exposure. I recently bought this copy of Weird Tales of the Future #4, a very popular comic from a series I’ve never owned a copy from until now. Nice as it is, I just don’t feel deserves the label “classic”. Still, it’s an interesting comic with partial cover art by the quirky Basil Wolverton.

The artwork depicts a scene from a story called “The Brain Bats of Venus” which was published in Mister Mystery #7 (put out by the same publisher, Aragon). The monsters are drawn by Wolverton, but the girl in the foreground is the work of another, anonymous, artist. Rumor has it, editor Stanley Morse needed cover art in a hurry so he did some cut-and-paste to create this cover “collage” combining the previously-published work of two different artists. (Odds are, neither artist got paid for their contributions). The interior art includes work by Wolverton, Tony Mortellaro, and Hy Fleishman.

UPDATE - Scott on the CGC chat boards let me know that the cover art was a cut and paste job from Weird Tales of the Future #3, not Mister Mystery #7. The cover artwork was pulled from Wolverton’s story “Nightmare World” in #3. Thanks Scott!

R.I.P. Bettie Page

Bettie Page, the famous 1950s pin-up model died a few days ago. To honor her memory I’m offering this statue for sale — buy yourself a gift for the holidays. Betty sits on a stool and is wearing a metal-like bikini bottom with a heart shaped lock, like a chastity belt. (She is hiding the key behind her back). The box shows light storage wear but remains in good shape overall. The statue looks like new, and has only been out of her box a few times.

Bettie Page statue

This risque figure/statue stands about 12.5 inches tall and looks cool. I’m not sure about the brand name, as the lettering is Chinese, but the box says “Mr. Showbiz Betty Page”. I had bought it as a present for my dad, but Mom wouldn’t let him display it in his workshop! Dad gave it back hoping we could find Bettie a good home. I don’t know exactly how rare it is, but I’ve only seen one other and it sold for over $100. I am asking for $85 + shipping in a nice, sturdy box. E-mail me if interested.

International buyers are welcome, but require payment via PayPal (ben@samuelsdesign.com) or International (Postal) Money Order. US residents can also pay by personal check. I ship via Priority Mail or International Priority Mail.

UPDATE - The statue was sold on eBay, on January 12, 2009 for just over $160. Yay!

Foreign Visitors

I use a free tracking service that records the number of visitors who come to this site. It can also show me what country they are viewing from, and I get a lot of visitors from outside the USA (where I live). I find it interesting to see all the different countries… some seem quite exotic. Since November 2008 I’ve had visitors from Trinidad & Tobago, Yemen and Lesotho. You can see many more nations on my geographic tracking page.

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