Miscellaneous Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What do you mean by "Golden Age"?

Many define the term by date, 1938-55 is a commonly accepted timeframe. I prefer to make the distinction by cover price, I think that comics with a 10-cent cover price merit the label "Golden Age" (but I'm probably the only person who thinks this way).

My favorite definition of the "Golden Age of comics" was from someone who said it was the time "when you were young, reading and enjoying comics with a sense of wonder".

What do you mean by "Classic"?

There is no strict rule for the term on this site. I use it for any comic that is especially popular, or seems to be an especially nice example of its type. I can't afford many of the true classics, like Captain America Comics #1 or Action Comics #1, and you won't find them here for that reason.

Where did you get all your comics?

I bought 99% of them on eBay. Some good sites for buying comics are listed on my Links page.

I've got an old comic! What's it worth?

Buy the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide and find out!
2008-2009 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide 38th Edition


Experience in Comics:

Frequent contributor to the letters page of Cerebus comics.
Self published independent comic Harlequin in 1989.
Former Heritage Auctions cataloger & consignment director (2002-06).
Member of CFA-APA (Comic & Fantasy Art amateur press association).

Batman #11 cover original comic art by Fred Ray and Jerry Robinson:

One of my "thrilling moments in comics" was the discovery of the original cover art for Batman #11, Action #45 and Action #51 (and more) while working for Heritage Auctions. Here's a photo of me with part of the haul:

The piece eventually sold for $195,500 in Aug., 2005. Here's a link to the Heritage press release.


Harold Curtis Collection pedigree:

Another great experience was discovering the Harold Curtis collection, a fantastic original-owner collection of classic Golden Age comic books.

Here's a link to the Heritage Comics press release.

Update! (Feb. 22, 2008) I'm pleased to share that the Harold Curtis Collection has been selected as one of the top 45 Golden Age collections, for inclusion in the soon-to-be-published book The Guide To Comic Book Pedigrees, written by Stephen Ritter, Matt Nelson, Mark Haspel, and West Stephen.


Contributing to this Gallery:

I'm happy to accept contributions from other collectors. The only catch is that you have to provide commentary along with scans, and the scans need to be at least 700 pixels wide.

I like each comic to be accompanied by some info or comments, so don't send scans if you don't provide some additional text. Interesting (or amusing) comments are the most important part of contributing; I find writing commentary is the hardest part of adding new comic covers.