Welcome to my gallery of classic comic covers. I've been collecting comic books for over 25 years and made this web site to share some of my favorite covers. All of the covers, with a very few exceptions, are (or were) from my personal collection. Have a question or a comment? E-mail me, my name's Ben.

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Harveyville Fun Times! #74

I’m proud to say that Harveyville Fun Times! #74 is available for purchase. The cover art is penciled by my pal Jerry Boyd, and inked & colored by yours truly! I think it turned out nice.

Harveyville Fun Times! #74 (TPB)

Off topic - modern graphic novel

I plan to continue to ignore modern comics as a general policy, but I’m making an exception just one more time. A nice guy named Craig Staufenberg has written a graphic novel called “9/11 heartbreaker”.

If you’re curious you can download a hi-res PDF copy of the book here:

You can also read the full book description here if you’d like to know more before checking it out:

Viagri Ampleten web comic strip

Michael e-mailed me about a current online web comic strip called The Adventures of Ms. Viagri Ampleten, about a sexy secret agent. I don’t know much about the current online comic scene, but thought some visitors might find it of interest.

Mike Esposito R.I.P.

I just received word that Mike Esposito has passed on. Mike had a long career in comics, much of it working as inker over the pencils of Ross Andru. Andru and Esposito are fondly remembered for their run drawing the Amazing Spider-man during the 1970s.

Original art for sale, Morris “Mo” Marcus - This is War page

(Click image for a super-size scan).

Morris “Mo” Marcus - Jet Propelled Fourth
Original Art one-page filler, from This Is War published by Standard Comics.

1950s jet ace action in the Korean theater. Skillful artwork with blue-pencil accents. The artwork measures 15″ x 22″. The page is dated 1952.

Mo Marcus worked for almost every comic book publisher during the 1950s and 60s, specializing in art for the horror, war, crime, and romance genres, plus a few Westerns for Avon and Feature Comics. He also did artwork for “The Monkees” comic published by Charlton in 1967.

Asking: $70

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Most of my original art collection is on display at Bill Cox's ComicArtFans.com website, accessible via this link.

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