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R.I.P. Ric Estrada

We lost another great comic artist yesterday. Ric was most know for his 1970’s DC superhero and war artwork, but he also did work that spanned back to the Golden Age, when he was young. I really liked his work, it had some similarities to Alex Toth. Here is the announcement from his wife:

Dear Friends and Family,

My sweet Ric passed away at about 7am this morning after a rapid decline in his health over the past week as the result of advanced prostate cancer which no longer responded to treatment. All of our children except for Ric’s daughter Zilia were able to be here to share in supporting him in his transition to the next life. We had several hours with Ric after his passing to talk, sing, laugh, cry and say our goodbyes. We are all on the emotional ride that will take a different course for each of us. I am so grateful for Ric and our shared life. He is the great blessing of my life.

Funeral Information

Viewing: May 8, 2009 from 6 to 8pm @ 1390 N. 2876 W. in Provo, UT
Viewing: May 9, 2009 from 9:30 to 10:30am just prior to the funeral service @ 1390 N. 2876 W. in Provo, UT
Funeral Service: May 9, 2009 starting at 11:00am @ 1390 N. 2876 W. in Provo, UT
Interment: Provo Cemetery immediately following the service

Our family would like for anyone who knew and loved Ric to know so please feel free to forward this on. Your attendance and support would mean a great deal to us.


Al Feldstein Update - Good News

I’m VERY pleased to report that I just heard from Al’s wife Michelle, and she says that Al is back home and doing well! She expects him to be back on the computer e-mailing friends and fans soon.

Prayers for Al Feldstein

Giant of Golden Age comics, Al Feldstein, has been having some health problems and was in the hospital for treatment. I haven’t heard any recent updates, but hope for the best. If you’re a religious person, I encourage you to include Al in you prayers. I’ll update when I hear additional news. Please get well, Al.

Tom Hickey CFA-APA article

As a member in a comic and fantasy art fanzine known as CFA-APA, I wrote an article about Tom Hickey as my second contribution. In addition to many 1950s Harvey Comics stories, Tom Hickey did early work for DC, including artwork in both Detective Comics #1 and 27.

The .pdf file of my article can be found here.

Nights of Horror - Shuster Bondage art

I just got a copy of something interesting: Nights of Horror #8 from Malcla Publishing company, circa 1953. This vintage publication fills 80 pages with two short stories, each of which has multiple chapters. The pornographic booklet has no price or indicia, but does have cover art and 9 fetish illustrations by Superman co-creator Joe Shuster.

Craig Yoe just came out with a book about these. Below are a couple scans of my copy:

Nights of Horror, cover.

Link to example interior illustration.

Nights of Horror, back cover.

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