Science Fiction Stories, (No Month listed) 1953

Science Fiction Stories, 1953

A pulp digest -- not a comic book, but in my opinion this is one of Alex Schomburg's greatest cover paintings of all time. An atomic mushroom cloud and the U.S. Army fleeing a giant one-eyed nuclear monster, all rendered in gorgeous color by airbrush. An added attraction is the early Philip K. Dick story "The Eyes Have It". This seems like it should be one of the most collectible 1950s digest pulps of all, yet strangely enough I've never seen this image reproduced anywhere else... has it just been overlooked, until now???

Below is a scan of the back cover to this pulp digest. Clearly another piece by Alex Schomburg, although this one is black and white, and unsigned. Anyone know where the original art is, for either the front or back cover?