Beware Terror Tales 4, 1952


Published by Fawcett. Cover art by comic book veteran Bernard Bailey. I think the best thing about this comic is the great looking man-eating blob on the cover. Hey, it even made our gleeful mummy narrator shudder! Also be sure to check out the eyeshadow and rouge on the rightmost blob victim- what was going on in that office when the Crawling Horror burst onto the scene?? I shudder to think!

This comic follows the successful EC formula of 4 stories narrated by an undead monster, in this case "The Mummy". The stories are Revolt of the Fingers, The Black Candle of Death, and finally the story illustrated on the cover - The Crawling Horror. The stories are all pretty well written, spooky without being as gory or violent as most pre-code horror. The art is just so-so.

P.S. I no longer own this comic, it was sold in 2001.