Crime Does Not Pay 58, 1947

Crime Does Not Pay 58, 1947

I'm not entirely convinced of Charles Biro's talents as an artist, his compositions are typically stiff and flat, but there's no denying his ability to construct a compelling tableaux for his cover images! If the text is a little hard to read, here's the dialogue:
Girl 1: SO!! You couldn't see me because you had a date with the boys! All right, wise guy, you asked for it! I'm gonna have a chat with the Cops! OH!!

Guy: Can I help it if you're too dumb to know when you're gettin' the brush off! GO AHEAD BIG MOUTH, squeal to the Cops! I'd like to see you try it!

Girl 2: Step aside, Frankie!! Let me give her a goin' over, woman style! I'd like to sharpen my nails on that fat face!!

Brutal, degrading and violent! It was crime comics like this that especially enraged Dr. Wertham, and still receive most of the blame for the Comics Code mandated censorship that was to come.

(In Aug. 2008 I sold this comic, along with Crime Does Not Pay #36 & 105 for $46.05 on eBay).