Mister Mystery 12, 1953

Mister Mystery 12

This is, I believe, the single most striking, collectible and horrific precode horror comic cover of all time. The imagery scarcely requires comment. To be sure, the artwork is well rendered and lurid. It's also worth mentioning that this specimen is in astounding condition considering its age and scarcity. I must confess that this is the one comic in this cover gallery which I do not own. I found this scan on ebay, the high bid for this auction was approximately $1000! Well, if you're going to spend a grand on a comic I think this is a good one to spend it on!

UPDATE! (Sept/01) I finally acquired a copy of my own of this classic. Mine isn't quite as nice as the one pictured here, but it didn't cost anywhere near as much either! Anyway, now there is only one comic in this cover gallery that I don't have.