Strange Fantasy 9, 1953

Strange Fantasy 9

This title was published by Farrell Comics Inc. Great eye-catching artwork from the artist who drew many of Farrell's horror covers. (Please tell me who!) This issue features three great (Harvey!) Black Cat stories as Hollywood's glamorous detective star dons her sexy costume to battle evil from the wild west and the big city. I'd love to read the story this cover was meant to illustrate, it's such a cool image I can only dream what the story is like!

Here's another take on this issue from The Other Guys: Pre-Code Horror Comics:

Strange Fantasy has a peculiar history--the first two issues are both #2, apparently simply by mistake, and the cover of #9 was overprinted and used to bind a bunch of leftovers, so that anyone who bought it might get the horror comic he expected, or might get an issue of Boys Ranch or Black Cat from the Harvey warehouse. (Why Harvey? I don't know. No one does. Records are mostly long since lost.)

Wow, it's a letdown to know that instead of western Black Cat stories I might have had genuine precode horror stories to read. At least I didn't get the edition with Boys Ranch inside! Black Cat isn't so bad when I consider it could have been Boys Ranch. And it's still a VERY cool cover. ;-)