Underworld Crime 7, 1953

Underworld Crime 7, 1953

Published by Fawcett, a company best known for Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family. Unfortunately this cover's artist remains unknown. Hopefully, further research will provide a positive attribution.

In any case, I find this to be probably the single most brutal and disturbing crime comic cover of all time!

Bondage/torture covers are always pretty violent fare, but this one seems exceptional for its effective use of color -- especially the glowing iron and the reflection of light on the girl's face. Also note the leftmost thug's eyes as he watches for the reaction from the girl's hapless boyfriend.

Unfortunately, the contents aren't anywhere nearly as good as the cover. Readers were "treated" to:

The Man Who Broke The Black Hand (10 pgs.)
Muscle Hedd & Careless Clara (1 pg. gags)
Trapped (10 pgs.)
Surgeon Sturgess & Important Man Manners (1 pg. gags)
The Saga of "Poison" Mike McCroy (10 pgs)

That's 32 pages with no ads! But I didn't recognize any of the artists....