Weird Chills 1, 1954  -  FOR SALE!

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Weird Chills 1, 1954

It's kind of hard to tell what's going on in this cover, but it looks to me like a mad scientist is transfusing blood from a beautiful (virgin?) girl into a partially decomposed corpse for the ostensible purpose of Frankenstein-style reanimation.

Published by Key Comics, this cover features 'horrible' artwork by the great Bernard Baily. Lawrence Watt-Evans has a good take on Key Comics and it's publisher Stanley P. Morse on his The Other Guys: Pre-Code Horror Comics webpage:

During the horror boom a fellow named Stanley P. Morse had acquired the single most important element of comics publishing at the time--a distribution contract--and used it to market comics under a wide variety of names: Stanmor, Aragon, Key, Gilmor (I believe he had a partner named Gilman for that one), mr. publications, S.P.M., Media Comics (not to be confused with Comic Media), and probably others I don't know about. His titles often changed publisher from one issue to the next as he dodged creditors or changed partners, and would sometimes have cover art taken from a story in a different issue as deadlines were missed. If he came up a story short he would simply reprint something. If he couldn't get an artist for a particular slot, he'd have his editor cut up and rearrange the art from an old story to make a new one. Anyone who thought men like Bill Gaines gave comics a bad reputation had never met Stanley Morse. Naturally, he published horror comics, including some of the grossest and most vile.
Mr. Watt-Evans adds that "Weird Chills only lasted three issues, all in 1954. In my decades of collecting and reading comics I think this may be the single most unpleasant title I ever read."