Meet Corliss Archer 2, 1948

Meet Corliss Archer 2, 1948

Meet Corliss Archer is one of three "teenage" comics Al Feldstein did for Fox publications, the other two being Junior and Sunny. Corliss Archer was humorous radio serial that was popular enough to spawn a movie and this comic book series, but the comic only lasted 3 issues and neither my Mom nor anyone else I've asked had ever heard of Corliss, so she couldn't have been too popular!

Overstreet and Gerber's Photo-Journal both credit Al Feldstein for drawing the covers for Corliss Archer #1, #2 and part of #3, but I suspect Feldstein did not actually draw this cover. I think it was drawn by another artist who was trying to copy Feldstein's style. This cover just doesn't have the detail, composition or overall "feel" of other covers such as Junior 10 or 12. Another thing that makes me suspicious is that I can see the signed initials "L C" near Corliss' ankle.

UPDATE! (9/2002) - I contacted Al Feldstein himself and he confirmed that this cover is NOT his work.

UPDATE! (7/2007) - Another researcher, Bill Hogeland, recently contacted me with additional info.

"Meet Corliss Archer" was a very popular book--text, not graphic, in chapters--written by F. Hugh Herbert and first published in 1942; it was about the misadventures of an attractive and manipulative, yet basically good-hearted, 15-year-old girl and her goofy next-door neighbor and beau, Dexter Franklin. It was published and set during wartime, and it makes a very entertaining period piece. The radio serial, comic, and film, as well as a play and TV series, were developed from the book.

UPDATE! (3/2015) - Grant Geissman and I have determined that the cover artist is, in fact, L. B. Cole!