The Adventures of Homer Cobb 1, 1947

The Adventures of Homer Cobb 1, 1947

What a bizarre comic! This is the only issue of the series. It's published by a company called "Say/Bart" that to my knowledge has never published any other comic. It's a strange size; a little taller and about an inch and a half wider than any other comic of the time. It's very scarce and has 100% Feldstein teenage Good Girl art of a similar vintage as Junior, Sunny & Corliss Archer. It might even predate Feldstein's work for Fox! Overstreet reports that the comic was printed in Canada for the US market. I've got a friend with a copy that has the color registration about an inch out of whack, but this copy's printing is much better than the typical Canadian comic and the registration is sharp.

I've got to say it again - this is a really bizarre comic! If you know anything about this comic or publisher, PLEASE let me know!

Update (Dec/2002)
I've learned a bit more about this comic, from none other than Al Feldstein himself! Here's what Al had to say when I asked him about this comic.

I remember it well. It was early in my freelance career after I'd left the Iger Studio.

An animator named Sam Singer (Samual Bart Singer) hired me to do the book, then skipped off to Chicago and never paid me for it. (Such are the trials and tribulations of starving free-lance comic book artists/writers.)