Junior 10, 1947

Junior 10

Junior was a short running title that only lasted for issues 9 - 16 before changing to Western Outlaws 17 - 21, My Secret Life 22 - 25 and Romeo Tubbs 26 - 28. (Previously the run had been titled Li'l Pan 6 - 8, before that it began as Rocket Kelly 1 - 5.)

Collected avidly by those familiar with it, copies can be very had to locate and don't come cheap. Published by Fox, the company notorious for "babes, blood and bondage". (Fox's superhero and jungle comics had the "blood and bondage".) Junior was an obvious attempt to copy the success of Archie, and had only babes- and what babes they were! As we can see on this cover, by future EC comics legend Al Feldstein, the artistic emphasis was on exaggerated and stylized sexy young ladies. The interior art is all Feldstein too, with plenty of lingerie panels and remarkably sexy artwork. Great stuff, and surely quite provocative for the late 1940's. This is definitely one comic to keep away from "Junior"!