Fox Giant 31 (Strange Love), 1950

Fox Giant 31 (Strange Love), 1950

I love this comic! It took me years to finally track down a copy, so it's certainly not a common issue; this copy is pretty beat but it's still one of the gems of my collection. If you're wondering why, take a close look at the cover. I think it is THE most provocatively suggestive romance comic of the golden age! It's hard for me to remain subtle when talking about this cover, so if you don't see what I'm getting at I don't want to be the one to dirty up your mind - I won't say any more about it!

The Fox Giant series was a curious concept. Fox would take unsold comics from their warehouse, remove the covers and rebind the contents with a new cover. Each Giant contained 4 rebound comics and the contents were mostly random; even issues of the same Giant could have different contents. Another quirk was that Fox always started the first page of their comics on the inside of the front cover, so the coverless comics bound into a Giant were always incomplete, missing the first page. Still, for 25 cents it was probably a good deal at the time. These are pretty rare, and the contents are always an exciting surprise - sometimes just standard Fox romance but sometimes there's something better, like an issue of Jo-Jo or even Phantom Lady!

Just for the record, this issue does not have Jo-Jo or Phantom Lady. It has 4 typically tawdry Fox romance comics:

  1. My Past 9
  2. My Confession 10
  3. My Secret Story 28
  4. My Great Love 3

Update! (1/24/04) I just bought an upgrade - it's a nice VG+; my other copy was only Fair. The rebound comics this one contains are:

  1. My Past 10
  2. My Love Story 3
  3. My Confession 10
  4. Women In Love 4