The Black Terror 2, 1943

Black Terror 2, 1943

A great Alex Schomburg cover for an early issue of Nedor's "dark" hero comic, The Black Terror. His sidekick's name is... (get this) "Timmy"! Gee, that's a pretty lame sidekick name - how... terrible. (Ha! Get it? Terror, "Terrible" - sorry. Bad pun.)

Anyway, cool cover art. No Nazis here, but there are mad Arabs to battle - and I consider mad Arabs almost as frightening as Nazis, and just as evil! Mix in a hungry tiger and a beautiful, bound maiden and we've got a typically action-packed Schomburg cover. Great stuff!

I'd comment on the contents, but someone mis-matched this cover with the wrong contents... the guts to this book are from Exciting Comics #41. (Which is a good read, by the way, even if it's not Black Terror #2!)