Clue 5, 1943

Clue 5

I love this cover because it's such an odd comic. The Boy King lasted for less than 10 issues before Clue changed it's format to crime/detective. Boy King was obviously a pretty goofy hero, but he's not without his charms. For one thing he has a stone giant who he can control thanks to the power of his regal voice (or something.) Boy King's nemesis, the mechanical-armed Nazi Crane, also has a champion- a giant robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex. Naturally the stone giant and T Rex battle, luckily for the U.S.A. Boy King and his giant win the fight. This comic also has back-up stories with more oddball characters like Micro-Face, Nightmare and his sidekick Sleepy, a duo who run around in skeleton costumes. They just don't make comics like this anymore! Experts credit the cover art to Dan Barry.