Keen Detective Funnies Vol. 2, #12, 1939

Keen Detective Funnies Vol. 2, #12, 19390

Ok, I'll be the first to admit that this cover isn't very "cool". But this is a very special comic, the rarest comic in my collection! So I figured that makes it worthy of inclusion in this gallery. How rare is this comic, you ask? It's estimated that only 8-20 copies are still in existence. And this copy is in very nice shape. One of the highlights of the contents is a story of The Eye, one of the strangest heroes of the Golden Age. (The Eye is featured on the cover of my Keen Detective #20.)

Another point of interest is the cover itself. We have a policeman stopping an evil doer. That's pretty standard, but check out the cop! His hand is in totally the wrong position if he just threw a punch. It looks like he should be swinging a club, but where's the club? Maybe it's a magical, invisible club. Or maybe the artist forgot to draw the club and no editors noticed? More research is obviously needed before we can draw any conclusions!