Keen Detective Funnies Vol. 2, #20, 1940

Keen Detective  Funnies20, 1940

This comic is not only more than 60 years old, but it is also very rare - the Gerber Photo Journal of Comic Books estimate that only 21 - 50 copies still exist. Published by Centaur, an early publisher of comic books that later became Quality Comics - publisher of Feature Comics and Doll-Man, among other titles.

The best thing about this comic is this amazing cover artwork by Frank Thomas, featuring the bizarre crimefighter known only as 'The Eye' which was simply a giant, flying, flaming, eyeball!

The cover caption makes reference to 'attacking aliens' which seems odd considering that The Eye is the most alien-looking thing on the cover; a reading of The Eye story reveals that the humans on the cover are actually evil German sabateurs infiltrating the USA during wartime, hence they are illegal aliens being stopped by the vigilant and patriotic Eye.