Rangers 21, 1945

Rangers 21, 1945

Published by Fiction House, the company famous for it's good girl art. Great cover artwork by J. Dooley, very dynamic. Classic precode cover elements: bound woman, hooded oriental executioner, and a hero rushing to the rescue with smoking gun in hand!

This comic features the first appearance and origin of Firehair, the red-headed girl who was adopted by Indians. The Firehair story has art by Lee Elias.

Other features include US Rangers with lots of GGA courtesy of George Tuska, the supernatural Werewolf Hunter, submarine adventure (and GGA) drawn by Jack Keller in Sea Devil, beautiful F.B.I agent Glory Forbes, and finally airplanes (and GGA) in The Phantom Falcons.

The US Rangers story features a brutal scene with Japanese soldiers torturing a captive American nurse. I'm surprised Wertham missed this one - it's truly worthy of inclusion in SOTI.

P.S. I no longer own this comic, it was sold in April 2003 for $40.