Tiny Tim and the Mechanical Men (Big Little Book), 1937

Tiny Tim and the Mechanical Men - Big Little Book, 1937Tiny Tim and the Mechanical Men - Big Little Book, 1937

Not a comic book, but a somewhat related item (a Big Little Book) - I'm putting it here in the superhero/war section because this is where I've been putting other "various" items.

Big Little Books were small and thick, this one had 432 pgs. They usually alternated one page of text, with one page of black and white or two-color artwork. They came in both hardcover and softcover format. Very popular at one time, they were published from the 1930s and seem to have died out sometime in the late 1970s.

I love the cover of this book - one of the spookiest children's book images I can imagine, taken from a scene in the story. Adapted from a once popular newspaper comic strip (which few remember today), Stanley Link's Tiny Tim was a lad with the power to shrink. The deft artwork and imaginative stories have remarkable charm.

This book was a gift from Larry Jacobs, author of Big Little Books: A Collector's Reference & Value Guide