Two-Fisted Tales 25, 1952

Two-Fisted Tales 25

While EC comics were mostly known for their horror comics, they also published a pair of war comics - Two-Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat. EC war comics were distinctive from other war comics of the time in that they usually had a strong anti-war slant. They were very gritty and realistic; many of the creators were soldiers and the editors were sticklers for accuracy in the smallest detail.

The artwork, while not highly detailed, is strong and dynamic with excellent dramatic composition. When I was younger I didn't care for Harvey Kurtzman's art, but over the years I've gained a real appreciation for his dynamic composition and efficient drawing style. This cover also sports some very nice color work. Notice the glow from the gun barrel and highlights on the figures. Other memorable details are smoke rising from the hole in Jonesy's helmet and Jonesy's left hand clawing the earth. Yeah, Jonesy's really excited to hear about that armistice!