War Battles 4, 1952

War Battles 4, 1952

This great cover was contributed by my late friend Stew Silver. Stew died of a sudden heart attack in 2013.

Stew was a very funny guy and a professional stand-up comedian. He offered these suggestions as possible alternative lines for the grenade throwing soldier. I thought all four were pretty good!

  1. They're gonna feel THAT tomorrow!
  2. ...and one more for that damn Chinese restaurant with the shitty eggrolls.
  3. This is for eating Lassie!
  4. You think THAT hurt? ...try this!

P.S. I've very pleased to add that I can now brag of owning the original cover art to this comic! (It was drawn by Al Avison)

P.P.S. This piece of art got around! It was slightly modified and used as the cover to Warfront #22 (Aug/54), and for a "house" ad in Warfront #9 touting the upcoming war title True War Experiences. (The art was never used for a True War Experiences cover, however). I also found the artwork was used for a Mexican version of the comic, Frentes de Guerra #18.