Wonder Comics 11, 1947

Wonder Comics 11, 1940

Wonder Comics seems to have been Better Publication's answer to Fiction House's Planet Comics and the sci-fi craze of the time. The contents are a selection of fantastic and space-themed stories in a standard anthology format. This cover by Graham 'Ghastly' Ingels (of E.C. Comics fame) shows the super-hero Wonder Man in combat with some kind of alien creature while a damsel-in-distress provides some much appreciated glamour to the scene. While Alex Schomburg's covers make up the bulk of this title's run, Ingels contributed a fine example of a "headlight" cover on this early, pre-EC, effort. There's also an Ingels splash page and a few pages of interior art that look very Ingels-ish, but they aren't credited.

Contents consist of:

  • Brad Spencer, Wonderman with very nice art
  • Jill Trent the Science Sleuth (western themed, even!) with more hot artwork
  • A Grim Reaper story that features syringes
  • School Daze by Al Hartley
  • Dick Devens of Futuria begins his run in this title, with hot "good girl" artwork
  • The Joke's on Youth by Al Hartley

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