Original Art for "Teen-Age Sex Club" from First Love Illustrated #13, 1951

Pencils: Bob Powell
Inks: Howard Nostrand
Backgrounds: George Seifringer
Lettering: Martin Epp
It's not a cover, but I couldn't resist adding it to the Gallery. It's the original, hand-drawn, artwork (5 pages, complete) for the story titled "I Joined A Teen-Age Sex Club" from Harvey Comics' First Love Illustrated #13. I've owned the comic for some time, due to the famously suggestive story. It's a thrill to now own the original art, which is beatiful and in excellent condition.

The Powell Studio famously used a watercolor "blue wash" to indicate areas of shadow for the colorists, coloring being a process done later in the production cycle, and outside the control of the artists. The blue wash adds a nice dimension to the otherwise black and white original art.

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